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5/10/24 – UIL Reward Trip – Grant written by Savannah Copley & Mattie Mayfield. 40 2nd-4th graders participated in UIL and qualified for this trip to the WTAMU Activity Center & Mr. Gattis for lunch.

5/10/24 – AR Reward Trip – Grant written by Savannah Copley & Mattie Mayfield. 86 2nd-4th graders qualified for this trip to Guymon to see a movie and have lunch and a park day.

Coach Hood’s 4th Grade Pickleball Field Trip:

MAE Book Vending Machine Grant – Mrs. Chambers (MAE Principal):

Spring 2024 Grant Recipients:

05/10/23 – SJH Sod Poodles STEAM Trip

05/23 – MAE UIL Reward Trip

05/15/23 – MAE 4th Grade Trip to Mt. Capulin

3/14/23 – The SEF awarded a grant to Laurie Spurlock, Linda Henderson, Sierra Schoonover and Stacy Metcalf to take their 6th-grade students to a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) Day at a Sod Poodles baseball game.

They’ll enjoy a meal at the stadium and have an exciting day full of learning and fun. Keep an eye out for photos in May!

Brenda Brownlee (Board Member), Laurie Spurlock, & Sierra Schoonover

2/22/23 – The SEF had a board meeting and awarded four new grants this semester. One went to Linda Henderson, one went to Lynz Hood, and Gina Chambers received two.

The first grant for Gina Chambers was for an Accelerated Reader celebration trip to Mr. Gattis and Palo Duro Canyon for qualifying 2nd-4th graders. The second grant was for a UIL reward trip to Mr. Gattis and the WTAMU Activity Center.

Lynz Hood was awarded a grant to take her 4th grade PE students to hike around Mt. Capulin in May. This has been a fun trip for her students over the years, and we were happy to provide this opportunity once again! Keep an eye out for pictures in May!

Linda Henderson was awarded a grant to host a guy’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) day for 6th, 7th, & 8th grade boys. She hosted this event last year as well, and it was a great success for all involved, so we were thrilled to fund this request. Keep an eye out for details on this upcoming event on April 15th.

07/22/22 – Tracey Ferguson took the SHS STUCO to the leadership camp in San Angelo. They learned many new leadership techniques, as well as methods to better interact with and benefit the school district as well as the community as a whole.

Spring 2022 – Linda Henderson & Neely Brotherton put together a Boys STEM day and took a group of girls to the WISE (Women in Science Endeavors) conference. Both events were greatly successful and provided many fun, new opportunities to learn! There are great things happening in the SJH science lab!

5/6/22 – Macy Begley’s 6th-grade class took a trip to see Shrek at the Amarillo Little Theatre and enjoy fine dining at The Amarillo Club. A great time was had by all!

Robotics Class in Action!

3/31/22 – Additional Grant Awarded

Linda Henderson received a grant to host a Guy’s STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Math) Day for young men at Stratford Junior High. The event will take place on April 9 and will include a variety of guest speakers, hands-on activities, demonstrations, and challenges for the students to complete.

2/24/22 – New Grants Awarded

At the recent board meeting, the SEF approved six new grants for the 2022 academic school year. Congratulations to all of the teachers who received exciting, new grants for their students!

Macy Begley was awarded a grant to take her students to see Shrek at the Amarillo Little Theatre and enjoy a nice dinner.

BreAnne Morrison & Jamie Michler were awarded a grant to purchase flexible seating options for MAE students.

BreAnne Morrison was awarded a grant to fund MAE “Elk Land” for Accelerated Reader award incentives.

Lynz Hood was awarded a grant to take her 4th-grade PE students to Mt. Capulin and purchase t-shirts for the trip.

Doug Rawlins was awarded a grant to take MAE students on a trip to the WTAMU Activity Center for Accelerated Reader achievements.

Doug Rawlins was also awarded a grant to take a trip to Amarillo to celebrate students who achieve a “Masters” score on their STAAR test. They will enjoy a nice meal, go to the zoo, and have a mid-afternoon treat at Braum’s.

12/10/21 – Distinguished Alumni Lecturer Series

The students and staff of SHS welcomed Sunny Russell-Dueland as part of our Distinguished Alumni Lecturer series. Sunny did a wonderful job motivating and engaging the students through her words, and we were very appreciative to hear her speak! Thank you to everyone who helped organize this event. Once an Elk, always an Elk!

12/7/21 – PIPs Basketball Performance

11/30/21 – Annual Meeting

We wrapped up the final day of Panhandle Gives by having our Annual Meeting, and it was a wonderful display of what your support does for SISD. We heard from several students who have experienced, first-hand, the opportunities that your generosity has created. Their gratitude and excitement were apparent to all in the room.

10/28/21 – New Grants Awarded

At the recent board meeting, the SEF approved five new grants for the 2021-22 academic school year. There are a lot of exciting opportunities and experiences that come with each of these new grants, and we were thrilled to be able to award these teachers with the money they need for their respective programs.

Sierra Schoonover and Enedit Baeza were awarded $985 and $3,009.05 for a Snapology robotics program and 10 Lego robotics kids, respectively for 5th and 6th-grade students.

Linda Henderson was awarded $855 to take a group of SJH girls to the WISE (Women in Science Endeavors) conference in Amarillo.

Linda Henderson and Neely Brotherton were awarded $6,429.35 for new science equipment for 5th-8th grade students.

Diede Zieman and Jamie Michler were awarded $2,000 for new library books (K-12) for unique populations of students.

Summer ’21 Robotics Training – Sierra Schoonover & Enedit Baeza

Doug Rawlins’ Academic Achievement Award Trip:

2020 – 2021 – Super Academic Achievers Trip

“With Stratford Education Foundation’s generous donation, Mary Allen Elementary students were allowed to celebrate their academic excellence for the 2020 -2021 school year.  These super-achievers were treated to lunch at The Big Texan in Amarillo, TX.  After lunch, we were able to run off some steam at Thompson Park, too.   During a crazy school year and despite the multitude of challenges, these students proved to be capable leaders. We appreciate all the focus and dedication everyone plays in helping children maximize their efforts. We feel that this awards trip celebrates the SISD Mission Statement:  “Grounded in our traditions of excellence and pride in our community, Stratford ISD will provide an environment of acceptance, cultivate a work ethic for the success of students and staff, and commit to resilience in times of need.”  Thank you for your support SEF!” -Doug Rawlins

05/2021 – Doug Rawlins’ Accelerated Reader Award Trip:

“Palo Duro Reading Award Trip for MAE super reading achievers Mary Allen Elementary had over seventy-five 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-grade students achieve their reading goal this past school year!  We celebrated by taking a trip to Palo Duro Canyon.  Students and teachers were able to hike and explore this great state park, and we ended the afternoon at Mr. Gattis Pizza in Amarillo.  Our kids were able to experience an outing outside of Stratford and enjoy the fruits of their hard work over the year.  A huge thank you goes to Stratford Education Foundation for making this trip possible.”  – Doug Rawlins

5/13/21 – Macy Begley’s Matilda Grant:

“The English Language Arts classes in 6th grade were awarded a grant that provided a Matilda book for every child to keep, copies in English and Spanish for the school library, and a trip to Amarillo to dine at the Amarillo Club and see the musical, Matilda at the Amarillo Little Theatre. Prior to the trip, students read Matilda in class and studied the novel. They also were taught dining and theater etiquette. The dining etiquette lesson was provided by the SHS Family and Consumer Science students in their classroom. The 6th graders got to take the 30-floor elevator ride in the First Bank Southwest Tower to the Amarillo Club. After a wonderful dining experience, we circled by Hodgetown Stadium on our way to the Amarillo Little Theatre where we had the opportunity to watch the musical, Matilda. After we read the book and watched the musical, we compared the two and noted the similarities and differences. We wrapped it all up by watching the movie and discussing all three formats of Matilda. We would like to thank the Education Foundation for awarding us this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  We also like to thank Mrs. Mungia and her students for having us over to give us a dining etiquette lesson. A special thanks to Mr. B.A. Donelson and Mrs. Gaynelle Riffe for accompanying our group and helping coordinate our trip. All involved had the most wonderful time!” -Macy Begley 

5/18/21 – Lynz Hood’s Mt. Capulin Grant:

On Tuesday, May 18th, Lynz Hood took her 4th-grade students to Capulin Volcano. They enjoyed a Ranger-led science experiment, were sworn in as Capulin Volcano Junior Rangers, had a picnic lunch, and hiked around the rim and down into the crater of the volcano! At its highest point, Capulin Volcano is 8182 feet! The 4th-graders had a blast, and they hope to do this again next year!

Lynz Hood was awarded two grants–one for $1,050 for a 4th grade trip to Capulin in May, and $1,370 for a PIP basketball program for her students at MAE.
Mr. Rawlins was also awarded two grants–one for an AR program reward trip, and one for a STAAR testing reward trip, for a total of $2,600. Also pictured: Michael Hood, Board Member.
Jenna Pool & Kaleb Horsford were awarded $1,693 for repairs to scales & the plasma cutter for the FFA program. Also pictured: BA Donelson & Michael Hood, Board Members.
Macy Begley was awarded $2,329.63 for tickets to “Matilda” at the Amarillo Little Theatre, books, & dinner for her 6th-grade students. Also pictured: Sheryl Springer, Board Member.
Linda Henderson was awarded $1,000 for science lab equipment & supplies for SJH. Also pictured: Sheryl Springer, Board Member.
Sierra Schoonover & Enedit Baeza were awarded $1,301.80 for STEM training & Lego robotics kits. Also pictured: Sheryl Springer, Board Member.
Dec. 2015, Mary Chesmer Long, retired forensics specialist with OSBI.
April 2016 was SEF Fine Arts Extravaganza, where SEF rented Amarillo Globe News Center & featured JH & HS bands, vocalists, artists, and honored all past big blue band directors.
Gaynelle Riffe presented a $10,000 check from the Ex-Students Association to the SEF at the 2016 Annual Meeting.
At Jan. 2017 meeting, Macy Begley, SJH Reading teacher won a grant for audio books to help her students.
Ashly Lavake won a grant in January 2017 to purchase Lego construction sets for her kindergarten classes to improve fine motor skills.
At the January 2017 meeting, Ms. Ruby Punch won a grant to purchase iPads for her non-English speaking students to improve English skills.
October 2017 grant meeting—Mr. Dominguez won a grant to bring a motivational speaker for both faculty & students.
The MAE first grade teachers won a grant 10/17 to take students to a Stephen Fite concert in Amarillo.
Kindergarten students got to go to Barnes & Noble to hear a story being read, then each student got to buy a book! They also visited Dillards in the mall and got to ride on an escalator and in an elevator!
October 2017 was great for the MAE Library because Mellonee York & Deide Zieman won a grant to buy lots of new library books.
Ruby Punch’s students with their iPads.
The SEF & many donors sponsored former Air Force One pilot, Col. Mark Tillman to speak for Veterans Day 2017.
Grant winners at the Dec. 2017 Annual Meeting
January 2018 found Mrs. Jenna Pool & 5 FFA students winning a grant to go to the National FFA Convention in Indy on Oct. 2018. SEF paid half expenses.
The third & fourth grade classes got to go to Canadian to tour The Citadel art museum & also practice table manners while dining at the Stumbling Goat. Grant written by Sheryl Springer.
Linda Henderson won a $2,500 grant from Monsanto to purchase Science lab equipment, thanks to help from BA & Jon. Grant was doubled by Stratford Area Foundation.
Kindergarten book grant.
Linda Henderson won a $5,000 STEM grant from Xcel Energy, thanks to help from the SEF.
SEF awarded Tracey Ferguson & StuCo a grant for motivational speaker Mike Smith.
FFA grant to take students to A&M for a vet science conference.
Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering Trailblazer Bus Grant
Grant for a trip for students to visit Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes
Career Day
Coach Lovorn received a grant to take football players to Lubbock to watch a Texas Tech football game and tour the campus.
MAE Academic excellence trip to The Big Texan
Belinda Hamilton was granted funds to purchase Xylophones for Mary Allen Elementary.
Tina Keener, Cindy Seward, and Lorree Nusz are taking a group of Junior High students to the Amarillo Little Theater to see a live performance after reading the story in class. They will also enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant.
Mr. Green wrote a grant to take students to the State Math Meet in San Antonio.
Deide Zieman wrote a grant for Mary Allen Elementary to reward those who achieved status with accelerated reader points.
Once an Elk, Always an Elk!